一個悠閒的冬日午後,陽光輕輕灑遍街道每一角,滿是冬日氣息的江南街頭上,一棟外型蜿蜒的透明玻璃建築,絕對能令漫無目的地在街上閒逛的你為其駐足。你也許會以為它是一座新落成的絕美藝術館,同時又好奇,在潮流品牌林立的購物區內,竟有這樣的鬼斧神工。這座似是藝術館的建築,其實是Louis Vuitton於首爾全新開幕的旗艦店,今期Chessman Post就帶領讀者一睹這個揉合巴黎和韓國傳統特色風采的首爾最新時尚地標。


近日,LV於亞洲的最新旗艦店於首爾盛大開幕,以透明玻璃的外觀設計座落於首爾繁華地帶,引來一眾藝術與時尚愛好者前往「打卡」。這座別樹一格的絕美曲面玻璃建築,由當代兩大建築大師Frank Gehry和Peter Marino攜手打造,揉合巴黎和韓國傳統特色,以詩意設計向韓國文化致意。在構思設計時,Frank Gehry參考了巴黎LV藝術基金會的外觀,同時受到具有歷史意義的南韓建築啟發,利用最具個人代表性的圓弧玻璃,打造極具特殊性的波浪型外觀,整合設計充滿詩意。Peter Marino則負責大部分內部設計,以「量」為概念,使用了不同質地的石材,營造鏤空石龕的意象。旗艦店頂樓更設置了Espace空間作展覽用途,是繼2015年的北京後,全球第6間設有Espace的城市。



Spend an afternoon wandering around the streets in Seoul city, you suddenly come across a stunning curved glass structure that makes you pause for a while and take some time to admire it. You may think that it is a newly open art gallery or museum, meanwhile being a bit curious as to why is there a spectacular art museum in the busy Gangnam district. In fact, this structure is called Louis Vuitton Maison Seoul, which is Louis Vuitton’s new flagship store in Seoul. This week, Chessman Post is bringing you to take a closer look at this incredible 5-floor structure that celebrates the strong connection between the Maison and Korean culture.

Fashion retailers are trying to enter the foreign markets by launching flagship stores with dreamy and fancy design all over the world. Not only to showcase the uniqueness of their own brands, but also to provide an opportunity for people to experience the fusion of art and fashion. LV, as one of the world’s leading international fashion houses, has worked with different world famous designers to establish multiple flagship stores around the world, withstanding the highest standards of quality across the board.

Louis Vuitton inaugurated its new store in Seoul, South Korea on 30th October. Perched high on prestigious Cheongdam-dong Avenue in the Gangnam district, the new structure is a must-visit fashion attraction for visitors to the district. The store is a collaboration between LV and venerated architects Frank Gehry and Peter Marino, paying homage to Korean heritage and culture at the same time showing reference to the Fondation Louis Vuitton in Paris.The exterior structure of the Maison imparts a poetic charm by using Frank Gehry’s trademark curved glass, reflecting a sense of weightlessness. The interior spaces were designed by Peter Marino, using the vast volumes of the structure’s five floors to create contrasting spaces. The building’s fourth floor, called Espace Louis Vuitton Seoul, serves as an exhibition space dedicated to showcasing art from the Louis Vuitton Foundation’s collection.

The structure acts as a true showcase for the brand that draws customers in and creates an intimate shopping experience for visitors. If you are planning for a trip to Seoul, try to squeeze some time to visit this store as it is definitely a striking space for you to experience the combination of high fashion and fine art.

Text: Natalie Hui
Art: Agnes Wong

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