你腦海內的倫敦地下鐵是怎樣的?是具未來感的時尚摩登設計,還是帶有英倫特色的磚紅古典造型?即使你不曾到訪倫敦,應該也曾經在某部電影中一睹它的身影。 作為世界上最古老的地下鐵,滿載著英國悠久豐厚的歷史。最近設計團隊Krikby Design為倫敦地下鐵換上新裝,以夢幻糖果色打造全新樣貌,重現1967 Stock (維多利亞線)的風光。

London Underground carriages (The Underground)於1863年開放,營運至今超過150年,150年間異穿整個倫敦,可算是一輛「移動的古蹟」。在剛過去的London Design Festival 2019,當地交通區與知名紡織品牌Kirkby Design合作,為地鐵1967 Stock舊車廂進行大改造。Kirkby Design重新打造的地鐵車廂與大眾印象中冰冷疏離的車廂不同,以倫敦地鐵常用的耐磨羊毛織物裝飾面料,配上各種彩度的粉、藍、綠,車廂外觀頓時復古又夢幻。

車廂內的塑膠手環變成金色圓環;座椅則使用與原本羊毛觸感相近的天鵝絨材質;幾何圖騰的排列交織起來令整體視覺效果更和諧,同時又散發出復古奢華的氣息。車廂內的座椅、手把、窗簾等均應用幾個圖騰的設計,而所使用的全是由工作室研發的Underground Vol. II 系列印花布料,布料共有七種不同的花色,復古得來又帶點新穎,把兩者的特性完美揉合起來,同時增添幾分趣味。普通車廂與頭等車廂風格亦稍微不同,普通車廂以糖果色系的粉紅與薄菏綠為主,滿佈青春氣息。頭等車廂則以較深色的藍綠色搭配珊瑚色,予人沉穩的感覺。



Talking about London Underground, what comes to your mind? A modern station with impressive design, or a vintage station with the color of London Brick? Many of you have probably already seen the London Underground from different famous movie scenes even if you have never visited the city. As the world’s first underground railway, the London Underground has been witnessing the rapid growth of the city since the 19th century. Recently, London-based textile design studio Kirkby Design has given a 1967 London underground carriage a candy-colored overhaul, recreating original moquette designs historically used across the TfL network from 1930s to present day.

London Underground carriages (The Underground) opened in January 1863. Having more than 150 years history, it’s like riding through history when you are riding the tube. The London Design Festival 2019 has just ended, and there’s an eye-catching tube carriage installation that would probably attract every single of us to get on it. So, what’s so special about it? Actually, the installation is the latest collaboration between Kirkby Design and Transport for London (TFL), and this is already the second time the two companies collaborate with each other. This time, Kirkby Design recreate five iconic moquette fabric designs taken from the London Transport Museum's archive to be re-worked into a collection of contemporary viscose velvets.

The installation showcases the brand’s Underground Vol II collection of upholstery velvets. A series of velvet upholstery fabrics is patterned with geometric graphics, Kirkby draws upon in the archive come from the 1930s through to the present day. The designs inside the tube contain multiple variations that boast different colorways, from muted, pastel tones called Blossom and Biscuit to more striking hue combinations titled Petrol and Burnt Orange. The plastic grab handles were turned into gold brass hoops, while the seats are decked out in Underground Vol II fabric collection. Velvet was chosen as it was the most similar in quality to the original wool moquette, while achieving a similar aesthetic as wool moquette. The renewed tube showcases the patterns inspired by the city’s historic and much loved moquette designs, filling the gap in any front room or social space.

Although the tube is only an installation, it attracted a large amount of people to go and have a look of this dreamy and vintage tube. Once you have got on the tube, you probably will be reluctant to get off.

Text: Natalie Hui
Art: Agnes Wong

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