Apart from the print ad, Chessman Hong Kong worked with ABC Design again and was responsible for their window display design located at a select shop in Central. With the theme of ‘Think Baby’, we tried to develop the design concept from the angle of baby and kids, which were toy blocks and a ferris wheel. Its colourful and varied combination is eye-catching and good for storage. The staff can feel free to present the display in different ways and create a sense of freshness.
繼平面廣告之後,棋人香港再度與ABC Design合作,為其設計位於中環一所綜合品牌店的櫥窗佈置。基於「Think Baby」的概念,我們從孩子的角度出發,以玩具積木及摩天輪為主題,繽紛的色彩積木組合既奪目,亦方便作收納之用,店員可隨意砌出不同造型,營造新鮮感。
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