Chessman HK is responsible for the logo design of the brand new donation campaign ‘Gift to Give’ for Cloudonate. With the ribbon-shaped symmetrical pattern signifying the double ‘G’ of the campaign name in warm red tone, the special meaning of the campaign is further emphasized. In order to show our support, we volunteered for the logo design for this project.
棋人香港為雲集Cloudonate的嶄新慈善捐贈計劃「友禮布施Gift To Give」設計標誌,左右對稱的圖案分別代表計劃名稱的兩個「G」字,絲帶造型則寓意禮物,配合代表溫暖的紅色,更能突顯計劃的特別意義。為表支持,棋人香港更沒有收取任何費用,為是次項目義務設計。
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