Since the launch of the Artist Management Department of Chessman Hong Kong, we have been highly regarded and receiving great support from our media partners. On the Thanksgiving Day of 2015, we arranged an Appreciation Lunch to express our gratitude for them and also to officially welcome Sarika Choy joining Chessman Hong Kong. The term ‘thank you’ was presented in different languages on the backdrop as well as the invitation card in order to echo the event theme.
棋人香港的藝人管理部自成立以來,一直備受媒體朋友的關注及支持。故我們在感恩節當天特設感謝宴招待一眾傳媒伙伴,同日更正式宣佈新成員蔡宛珊(Sarika Choy)加盟棋人香港大家庭。當天的佈置及邀請函上皆印有不同語言的「謝謝」,呼應宴會主題。
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