聖誕將至,大家有多久沒寫過聖誕卡?人人都以WhatsApp傳訊息的年代,聖誕卡可能已不堪一提,但其實比起在精品店買的禮物,一張親手做的心意卡更顯彌足珍貴。今期Chessman Post將會分享如何製作橡皮印章,印在各式各樣的心意卡,為親朋好友送上手作的祝福。



1. 先選擇心儀的圖案,再用鉛筆畫在牛油紙上,建議以斜線標示實色的部分,雕刻時更容易分辨。

2. 用指甲輕輕刮牛油紙,把圖案轉印於橡皮磚上。

3. 把多餘的部分切割下來,不僅能節省橡皮磚用量,雕刻時也能節省時間。

4. 下刀時,筆刀應以約45度斜切,沿着線條外輪廓,另一隻手保持轉動橡皮磚。

5. 雕完後把印台塗到橡皮章上,便能試印了!



Christmas is coming soon! When was the last time you wrote a Christmas card? In the era where many people communicate via WhatsApp messages, a DIY or hand-written card may be more precious than a present bought from the gift shop. In this issue of Chessman Post, we will share with you how to carve a rubber stamp, which can be stamped on the DIY cards to your relatives and friends.

First and foremost, we have to prepare to following materials: pencil, rubber, craft knife, tracing paper and stamp pad. There is a wide variety of rubber stamps produced in China, Taiwan and Japan in the market, of which the rubbers of SEED Co. Ltd. in Japan are the most well-known among all. Compared to the rubbers that we got in our pencil cases, the rubbers specific for making stamps are harder, and they are smoother in texture for easier cutting. As for the craft knives, the more common ones are with blade angles of 22.5°, 30° and 45°. With longer blades, the 22.5° knives are suitable for carving details, whereas the 30° and 45° knives come with shorter blades that fit for general uses.

After preparing all the materials, we can start creating a rubber stamp of our own!

1. Choose a design you want and draw it on a piece of tracing paper. You can draw some slanted lines to indicate the area that should be retained.

2. Use your fingernails to rub over the tracing paper so as to transfer the design onto the rubber.

3. Cut the stamp into the shape of your design to save the rubber while also saving time during carving.

4. When carving, keep the blade at around 45° angle with the sharp edge pointing away from the line you are carving. Keep rotating the rubber with the other hand.

5. Pat the stamp pad onto the stamp until the ink is evenly covering the stamp. You can test the stamp now!

We hope that you will indulge in doing handicrafts while making cards for your loved ones. Chessman wishes all of you a Merry Christmas!

Text: Elok Wong
Art: Agnes Wong

ISSUE #171



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