回溯過去六載,棋人有幸能與一眾澳門朋友共同迎接新一年的到來,感受澳門人聲鼎沸的氛圍。西灣湖廣場的除夕倒數演唱會向來是每年的重頭節目,吸引不少人前來參加。但喧囂過後,我們有否真正思考過倒數的意義呢?棋人為今年的除夕演唱會 ──《數說.2017》賦予一重特別的紀念意義,與觀眾在2017的最後數小時裏,回顧一年來的經歷,展望更好的來年。


當晚的歌手陣容強大,分別有來自丹麥的Michael Learns to Rock、韓國著名饒舌女歌手Kisum、香港樂隊Dear Jane,當然更少不了澳門新晉男歌手歐陽日華!一眾歌手們澎湃的歌聲使全場氣氛高漲,帶動台下的觀眾一同歡呼喝采。其中歐陽日華更與Kisum破天荒合作,在台上勁歌熱舞,可謂精彩絕倫。踏入倒數的緊張時刻,觀眾聚首澳門旅遊塔下,看着時鐘上投影的數字,聽着震撼非凡的現場聲效,一起迎來嶄新的2018年。棋人在此祝各位2018年快樂,繼續創造奇蹟!


In the past six years, Chessman was much honored to celebrate the arrival of New Year with Macau people and soak up the lively vibes in Macau. The annual Macau Countdown Concert is one of the highlight events of the year, which draws a flock of citizens to gather around the Sai Van Lake Square every year. But have you ever thought about the true meaning of countdown? This year, Chessman added a deeper meaning to the yearly concert “Count the Days 2017” and recollected the memories in this year with the audiences.

The Chinese name of the concert “數說” literally means “telling stories through numbers”. Our lives are surrounded by oodles of numbers, such as time, dates and the digits on the identity cards. Numbers are often seen in our everyday life. Counting down is not just to blot the old memories out, but to accumulate the experiences for becoming the better us. The concert was divided into three stages, namely “Pure Child”, “Golden Days” and “Deposition and Sublimation”, signifying different stages of life. A clock was used to link between all the performances. Chessman hoped to offer the audiences a unique countdown experience through “numbers”.

There was a star-studded line-up of music artists including Michael Learns to Rock from Denmark, Korean female rapper Kisum, the band Dear Jane from Hong Kong, as well as Kane Ao Ieong from Macau. The amazing performances of the artists brought the stage alive and that an outburst of applause and screams had ensued. As an all-round artist who is good at dancing and singing, Kane Ao Ieong collaborated with Kisum and their performance was undoubtedly one of the most remarkable performances of the night. Assembling under the Macau Tower, the audiences were counting down the last few seconds of 2017 while looking at the numbers projected on the “clock” and listening to the astonishing sound effects. Chessman hereby wishes everyone a happy new year with countless new possibilities!

Text: Elok Wong
Art: Agnes Wong

ISSUE #173



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