過去一年,棋人本着「Create or Haam Jyu」的精神,談夢想、論志向,誓不做一條鹹魚,遂創下多個空前未見的可能。但我們又怎會只駐足於此?春來又秋去,轉眼間棋人已是一個正值十七的少年,懷有滿腔熱誠,大聲吶喊着「狂熱如初」,宛如身處戰場的士兵,不忘初衷地奮勇向前。






Last year, all the Chessman members had lived up to the slogan “Create or Haam Jyu”. We talked about dreams and visions; we were so determined not to be “Haam Jyu” (salted fish). We have achieved many impossible goals, but this is not where we stop. As time elapses, Chessman is now celebrating the 17th anniversary with the new slogan “Be as Passionate as You Were” – just as a 17-year-old teenager who is ready to fight bravely on the battlefield.

Stepping into the 17th anniversary, Chessman has created a new slogan “Be as Passionate as You Were”, wishing the passion we used to have could stay still. We run speedily on a vast, sweeping battlefield, and raise up the flag in the dusty wind. Without any guidance and examples, we hope to carve out a niche with our passion. The key art is inspired by a quote in Pattern of the Family (Neize) in the Book of Rites (Liji), which can be literally translated to English as “Learn archery and chariot-riding at the age from 15 to 20”. Chessman has added another sentence to make it a couplet – “Remember your initial intent at the age of 17”. Archery and chariot-riding are two of the six arts in Confucianism. Established for 17 years, it is the right time for Chessman to reinstate our initial intent too. Similar to the ancient Chinese people who started to acquire different skills and devoted themselves to the country, we also need to keep our passion burning, as well as to remember where we came from.

Reviewing the prolonged odyssey, Chessman was once a child that had encountered a lot of difficulties and uncertainties. Yet, Chessman has become a 17-year-old teenager. Years and years later, we are still keen to invest on world-famous musicals and organize music concerts of all sorts, for the sake of promoting the cultural industry in Macau. Moreover, Chessman HK keeps on providing high quality service in design, advertising and event management, while seeking new development plans. Apart from the company’s business, we also did some projects to rescue our creative souls. As Chessman becomes more and more developed, we should take this moment to recall our original intent.

We would probably think of a burning fire when we mention about passion. As we grow older, we might not be as passionate as we were. Perhaps you should join us and reignite your passion for creativity, for life, and for everything else.

Hope this fire will never stop burning.

Text: Elok Wong
Art: Agnes Wong

ISSUE #181



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