有了屬於棋人的家紋,便意味着我們都是一家人,舉手投足均背負棋人的身份。正如一個家庭中每個人擔當不同的角色,每個棋人亦抱持共同的理念,在自己的崗位各展所長。以往,棋人大多會為客戶提供策劃、製作、設計等服務,然而我們逐漸從為人服務,轉向建立自己專屬的產物。過去一年,我們所投資的表演項目為數不少,不過更大的突破是成功舉辦了Keith Haring的迷宮展覽,一嚐做開發商的滋味。而我們今年的目標,就是要把棋人的做事風格推展至生活的層面,體現「工作與生活合一」的概念,充分呈現棋人的實力。



To many people, 18 years old is most colorful age in life, since it allows people to squander their youth on useless pastimes freely. To Chessman, the 18th anniversary is a very important turning point. After years of diligence and painstakingly thorough work, Chessman has now become a mature company. Apart from a company, what else does “Chessman” mean? This year, we use “We Are Chessman” as our slogan to manifest the spirit of Chessman in our daily lives.

Looking back on the old days, when the entertainment industry in Macau was not sufficiently developed, the three founders of Chessman dared to tread a thorny path with bravery, and they successfully rewrote the history. In the Chinese slogan “人人棋人” (which literally means “everyone is Chessman”), there are three “人”(refers to “human”), and this reveals that the company was established by the three founders. The design of the logo is inspired by the “Kamon” symbols in ancient Japan, the crests used in Japan to indicate people’s origins. Normally, people would use plants, animals or some artifacts as the major patterns, but we take the Chinese word “人” as the main focus in the logo. The words “十八” in the middle of the logo refers to “eighteen” in English, meaning it is to celebrate our 18th anniversary. The slogan might not seem to be related to the 18th anniversary, but indeed, there are 18 strokes in the 4 Chinese characters. Each stroke carries our common faith and goals.

The “Kamon” symbol implies that all Chessman members are family, and whatever we do represents our company. Similar to a family, all Chessman members, carrying the same belief, can show their talents in different positions. In the past, we always offer planning, production and design services to our clients. Yet, we are gradually changing our business—from providing services to others, to creating our own products. Last year, we invested a number of concerts and shows, but we also made a huge breakthrough by organizing the maze exhibition of Keith Haring, having a taste of being the exhibition developers. Our main goal is to bring our working style to another level. We want to embody our spirit into our daily lives, so as to enhance our abilities.

As a company, Chessman’s performance is improving noticeably each year. But how can we take it up a notch? When “Chessman” becomes a way of living, or even a life attitude, we will be able to shine our light everywhere. We will go further and achieve better!

Text: Elok Wong

Art: Agnes Wong

ISSUE #231



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