用心體會,生活隨處也是藝術。日常生活中理應被丟棄的「垃圾」,細看或許能從中發現一絲可愛之處。來自荷蘭的跨界藝術家Suzanne Jongmans從本應被丟棄的物料中探索其價值,運用創意把這些素材改造成一個個優雅動人的作品,從「無」中生「有」,亦喚起人們對過度消費與環保議題的關注。

作為一名攝影師及紡織設計師,Suzanne Jongmans的作品《Mind Over Matter》及《Kindred Spirits》借鑑多位文藝後興時期藝術家的畫作,如Rembrandt、Holbein the Younger和Rogier van der Weyden,利用回收得來的物料如一次性塑膠和超級市場裡用作裝水果的網袋,重新製作成與油畫內女性款式相同的宮廷服,以零成本廢棄塑料還原曾風靡歐洲的奢華宮廷服,視覺效果依然驚豔。



一次性材料所構成的精美絲綢與蕾絲,展現獨特美學,融合百年歷史,這種玄思妙想亦帶出「精神比物質永恆」的想法。人類過於迷戀材枓所引起的過度消費,為環境帶來不可磨滅的破壞,Suzanne Jongmans正正是希望透過作品改變人們的觀點,不要過度迷戀物質。很多時候我們無意中會製造很多不必要的廢物,然而這些看似毫無價值的材料,實際是充滿可能性的。利用無用的包裝形成藝術,讓其發揮價值,同時亦成功為回收利用提供全新視角,引導大眾反思過度消費及塑膠污染等環保議題。


To experience everything with heart, you will recognize that everything in our daily lives can be art. Some seemingly useless things such as trash and recycled materials also have unique features that should be cherished. As a designer and a photographer, Dutch artist Suzanne Jongmans uses her skills and creativity to make gorgeous medieval costumes for her portrait subject by using recycled plastics and discarded packaging, trying to raise awareness on mass disposal of materials and global warming.

As a photographer and fabric designer, she brings new meaning to household trash in her series “Mind over Matter” and “Kindred Spirits”, sculpting recycled packaging into renaissance fashions. She draws inspiration from painters such as Rembrandt, Holbein the Younger and Rogier van der Weyden, and photographs on subjects in poses reminiscent of portrait styles from the 15th to 17th centuries once completing the costumes. The final products are as impressive and stunning as those in the paintings.

‘I’m a collector mostly-I collect all kinds of things. Most people throw away foam rubber, but like a child I see a diamond in the rough’, she explains. ‘The use of residual material is a reaction to the present and the mass consumption that surrounds us.’ She believes that through making something out of nothing, people’s perspectives towards reality can be changed. She hopes to help viewers bend their understanding of beauty in a similar way.

Bonnets are fashioned from Styrofoam and plastic sheets, thick bubble wrap is sculpted into high-collars, and dresses are embellished with polystyrene beads, there is a serious reflection on the mass disposal of materials in stark contrast to an age that made cloves to last, with an appreciation for fine silks and lace.

When the feature characters is wearing the intricate costumes crafted from waste materials, a kind dialogue between the old world and new world is created. There is an implicit environmental message in her works, yet her primary objective is to give a new life to the old materials. She wants to share the beauty in every material. For her, beauty is relative. All it takes is a shift in perspective to see the definition change and the true allure to come out.

Text: Natalie Hui
Art: Agnes Wong

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