縱觀熙來攘往的街道,人們總是行色匆匆,忙著上班,趕著下班,過著日復一日忙碌又枯燥的都市生活。紐約花藝設計師Lewis Miller透過 Flower Flash(鮮花快閃),以鮮花點綴繁忙的街頭,從此,紐約街道處處浮現不一樣的風景,行人逐漸擁有美妙的共享體驗。


這個能於鬧市中令忙碌的途人駐足的Flower Flash魔法,背後的魔法師是Lewis Miller以及他的團隊。由Miller主理的紐約花藝設計品牌致力為各大宴會派對等活動布置現場,而活動所剩餘的花朵,就是製作Flower Flash的材料。這些充滿活力的剩餘花朵,就是讓紐約中街小巷獲得重生的魔法。太陽花、康乃馨、綉球花……各種迷人鮮花於路邊的垃圾箱、消防栓、欄杆和巴士站等盛放,散發迷人姿態。


鮮花旺盛的生命力不僅為城市冰冷的建築帶來一絲暖意,亦傅遞出積極的情緒予人每一位看到Flower Flash的人,讓忙碌的都市人體驗自然的本真與美好,為他們送上不一樣的驚喜。身處都市的漩渦,我們都希望某一天,Flower Flash也能降臨我們所在的城市,點亮我們平凡的生活。


Try to imagine when you’re walking in the streets of a crowded city and all of a sudden, you come across a stunning gorgeous display of flowers. How would you feel? New-York based floral designer Lewis Miller hits the streets with Flower Flash, adorning the public spaces with the truly wondrous and colorful creations to beautify the gritty and fast-paced New York City, eliciting joy from people who happen to come upon the gorgeous creations in the flesh.

It’s 8am in the morning. You are rushing back to office as usual. Crossing the street you want to throw the empty plastic cup into the trash bin which is supposed to be on your left hand side. When your hands almost reaches there, you recognize that the trash bin disappear. Instead, a surprise bouquet of sumptuous flowers is bursting out of the top of the bin. You know you are going to be late, but you still sop in your tracks, take out your phone, take a photo and post it on your Instagram story. You know you are going to be late, but this striking installation does set your day on the right foot.

I guess anyone coming across this installation must be so curious about who is the master of this masterpiece. So, the genius bandit is Lewis Miller, a florist known for his fantastical wedding and party arrangements. The team recycles flowers from events for these flashes when possible. The flower flashes are all different from what they are expected. People can find them covering construction stores, filling garbage cans, draping over a bus stop. Yet, the feeling they evoke is the same, rejuvenating the busy and tedious life of every one of us.

‘Seeing something unexpected during your morning routine- it’s perhaps a chance to break out the monotony of work life. Even if it’s fleeting, the beautiful disruption can change one’s perspective in a positive way.’ Miller and his team are thrilled to share their happiness with everyone through flower flashes, and to bring the relaxing country life to the metropolitan city. They work like fairies in the early morning, with a 5:45 am call time in order to finish before sunrise to beautify the streets with the goal of creating positive, emotional responses through flowers.

The flower flashes help people to escape the hectic pace of New York City, touching the heart of every New Yorker. Miller and his team successfully use flowers to transform a space and create a mood, bringing nature to New Yorkers and make them smile. Not only New Yorkers, people all over the world also wish that they will be able to see flower flashes one day, to let them energize the gritty city.

Text: Natalie Hui
Art: Agnes Wong

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