適逢Barbie六十歲,Mattel於Barbie花甲之年大推形象革新,陸續推出不同系列的特別版Barbie。早前於「三八婦女節」以「模範女性」為主題,推出運動員、政治人物、記者等六種職業的Barbie以表揚女性於社會上的貢獻。近日更推出可以自定性別的全新系列「Creatable World」,系列共有六款Barbie,髮型、膚色、服飾,甚至性別均不設限,買家可任意把Barbie打造成自己喜歡的模樣之餘,亦可把它打扮成男性、女性或中性。

「這系列的Barbie可以讓孩子們自由地表達自己,可以鼓勵人們打開思維。」Mattel的高級副總裁Kim Culmone說道。性別中立的Barbie系列不再擁有精緻的妝容和完美的身型,不再受性別定型,孩子亦免受性別規範支配,可自由地表達自己。這個沒有標籤的系列跟隨著時代進步,讚揚多樣性的美,反映出社會對不同美態的包容和尊重。



Almost every girl grew up playing with Barbie. A Barbie doll is definitely an object of collective and personal memory of every female. Since its invention in 1969, Barbie doll has been setting the standards of beauty. Barbie is all about a pretty face, a curvaceous body with trendy outfits and a beautifully decorated high heel in many people’s minds. However, Barbie is progressively getting rid of all the aforementioned labels in recent years. Barbie manufacturer Mattel has been bringing changes to the brand by unveiling diverse doll collections to combat the gender stereotypes and encourage the general public to embrace their true selves.

To celebrate the 60-year-old birthday of Barbie, Mattel has unveiled a new doll line called ‘Creatable World’ to detach Barbie from sexist stereotypes. Early in March this year, the company launched a special series of dolls highlighting empowering role models in celebration of Barbie doll’s 60th anniversary and International Women’s Day, honoring the extraordinary women with a doll in their likeness. In September, the company once again blew away the public by launching a line of gender neutral dolls called Creatable World. The dolls are not assigned to any particular gender, and the formerly feminine labels are abandoned. There are six new different Barbie dolls and they are designed to have polished and makeup-free faces. The dolls can have any kind of hairstyle, skin tones, accessories and even gender. Kids are encouraged to create their own characters and express themselves freely.

“We’re hopeful Creatable World will encourage people to think more broadly about how all kids can benefit from doll play,” Kim Culmone, senior vice president of Mattel fashion doll design, said. The gender neutral dolls are free from delicate makeup and perfect body shape, and are no longer restricted by gender stereotype. The concept of high-fashion dolls is changing alongside the diverse array of kids that play with them. The toys are not dictated by social norms anymore, which follows the steps of our society to appreciate diversity around the world.

We live in a diverse and global world. We have to appreciate the diversity, to embrace the complexities and blessings. Diversity leads to innovation and opportunities, and it is important to work together to create a society for all. The legendary toy brand has represented the standard of beauty since its invention, and it is breaking boundaries to create dolls that keep the labels out and invite everyone in. Its attempt to promote the beauty of uniqueness and the importance of self-love is undoubtedly beneficial to the development of kids. We all look forward to more groundbreaking projects of this legendary doll.

Text: Natalie Hui
Art: Agnes Wong

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