「年紀大,手腳慢?」這句說話若是要套用到今期Chessman Post所介紹這位來自日本的老婆婆身上,似乎是毫不適用。活到老,學到老,年屆九十才開始學習拼貼,作品細緻靈動的風格,成功吸引一眾網民目光,更讓大眾知道,銀髮族心靈手更巧,絕對不是「手腳慢」。





Do people slow down when they are getting old? Not at all. The 90 years old Japanese grandma named Setsu proves that people do not get weaker or slower just because they are getting older. Instead, she is aging well and being both physically and emotionally healthy. The old lady started to learn how to do collage at the age of 90, and the meticulously detailed drawings show that old people are not clumsy at all.

You may mistakenly think that the pictures in front of you are watercolor paintings at first sight because of the smooth surface and simple and primitive style. The warm and comfortable colors have a comforting effect as well. The talented artist of these artwork are created by a 90-year-old Japanese grandma. She has been creating paper collages from torn newspaper since January this year and now she has created an accumulated amount of beautiful collage paintings already. She is committed to doing torn paper collage as it helps her to get rid of loneliness after the death of her husband in November 2018. Her daughter suggested her to start doing newspaper torn paper collage to cope with her grief and as a way to occupy herself while keeping her mind active. Her family had never imagined that it would become one of her daily rituals, and there’s exceptional artistic talent in her.

Setsu learnt everything from herself and created amazing work just in two months. Her granddaughter uploaded photos of her art pieces on Twitter and Setsu immediately took the Japanese internet by storm. Now she spends about 6 hours per day to create a new piece, and she does a lot of preparation every time before she start doing the pieces. She would first draft out her ideas in her mind, and to pick some useful materials from her ‘treasure box’, then she would use pliers to stick them together.

‘It’s like picking jewelry from jewelry box when I am choosing the useful torn newspapers.’ Setsu would cut out any pictures that she like when she’s reading newspapers, and separate them into warm and cool colors before putting them into two different boxes. Some people may think that it is complicated and takes a lot of time to do so, while Setsu enjoys doing it a lot, and she even forgets to have her meals sometimes when she gets so wrapped up in doing the collage. Finding the true passion in life is the key to true happiness, and there’s no age limit in pursuing our goals. We should never give up in figuring out our goals and passion, because at the end, they are the biggest motivator in our lives.

Text: Natalie Hui
Art: Agnes Wong

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